Leverage GenAI
without writing prompts

Intuitive & robust GenAI platform to go beyond chatbots

Interact with AI effortlessly through intuitive Forms

Content creation, workflow automation, or KM without prompt engineering.

Instantly find the perfect GenAI app for your needs

Choose from hundreds of pre-configured AI apps for all business functions.

Tailor AI apps to your company with no code

Connect to your data, your tools, and your internal processes.

The power of GenAI without the hassle of writing to chatbots

Instead of long conversations with chatbots, use enriched and intuitive forms to interact with AI by clicking on common UX elements.

  • Build your own apps with no-code or reuse predefined AI-apps.
  • Content marketing, Sales, Support, HR, Analytics, Legal, Finance, and more.
  • Easily and securely connect to your structured and unstructured data sources.

Your Intuitive GenAI Platform


Customize your apps by chaining easy-to-use components and prompt templates.

LLM agnostic

GPT-4, Claude Opus, Mistral, Llama 3, or your own fine-tuned LLM.

Security and privacy

Advanced roles and permissions, encryption at rest and in transit, data segregation.

Generative AI without writing prompts

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Leverage GenAI without writing prompts
  • 1 Seat − individual only
  • 100 interactions per day
  • 10 custom AI-apps
  • 100Mb of data sources

$20 / month


Dedicated GenAI platform tailored to your data
  • Unlimited seats
  • Private instance
  • Unlimited interactions & custom AI-apps
  • Unlimited data sources

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